Whole house entertainment and computer network

All bedrooms and the living room are setup on a computer network with two patch panels. In the hallway off the kitchen there is a patch panel that receives signals from the outside world via a patch panel in the basement and distributes them through out the house.

These photographs show the patch panel for the entire house audio and video system. Click here for more description.

Basement Patch Panel

Signal Sources

Several sources supply a patch panel in the basement. Charter cable coax and SBC sources enter the basement in the laundry room and are then routed to the patch panel in the first floor hall way. Satellite feeds enter the house from a dish on the south east corner of the home. Feeds from the dish travel behind the wall to both patch panels. This system has eliminates unsightly exposed wires stapled to the outside of the house and wires strewn about the inside.

Computer Network

First Floor Patch Panel

The basement patch panel sends telephone, Internet and video signals to the first floor patch panel. From there, signals are distributed through out the house. There are many computer ethernet connectors distributed through out the house.

We use this system with a router and cable modem installed at first floor patch panel which allows us to access the Internet via hardwire from several locations in the living room and each bedroom.

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